• Hetta combines modern baselayer production technologies with a unique style inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics.

    Inspired by the beauty of the mountains and the northern landscapes of Scandinavia, we decided to create not just a technological, but also beautiful stylish baselayer. HETTA includes 2 lines: ACTIVE and PRO.

    Young designers and riders were involved in the work on creating the Active and Pro collection of baselayer, who helped to do bright, stylish, technological things! Each item in the collection is made of high-quality Biruna Poland knitted fabric. The soft, light, breathable canvas gives clothes a natural feeling. Biruna Poland fabric properties are determined by a special structure of fibers, so they do not change even after long use and repeated washings. This unique structure removes the moisture emitted by the body much faster and immediately transfers it to the outer surface of the clothes, where they immediately evaporate.